Kiigiidoomugun Nibi (talking water)

our lake in seven sisters falls



It was during my afternoon meditation and prayer by the lake that the water spoke to me again, but this time she summoned all my senses to embed a valuable message. I could feel my tears slowly running down my face as I sat next to her and listened with my heart.

I could hear the waves of her body brushing gently against the rocks. Unexpectedly I took flight into a vision like dream where I saw myself in every small stream, river, pond, waterfall, in every rain drop falling from the sky, and I was filled with the entire oceans of the Mother Earth. I was water. Then my vision-dream shifted into something else as I then saw myself in every tear drop of happiness, deep suffering and pain of every person.

Tears from my eyes raced down my face just like mini water falls. My tears were captured in the corners of my mouth, I was tasting tears of joy and tears of pain. I could feel so much more deeply from tasting these tears of every person’s emotion. I felt connected. I felt love.

She spoke to me by moving my emotions to remind me that it is water that connects us. It will be the love I feel for every living thing, every natural thing and most importantly when I see myself in everyone and everything is where it will begin. When we come to that place of seeing ourselves in everyone and everything – we will heal and our waters will heal was her message.

With my hands in a prayer position over my heart I gave thanks to her, the lake; to the loving Universe, grandfather sun, grandmother moon and my ancestors in the seven directions. I opened my eyes to see the sky in the colours of the seven energy vortexes within my body illuminate on the outside. With this vision she showed me that what is within will be seen on the outside. I am peace.


(Written and Photograph by Diane Maytwayashing)

Gitchi Miigwetch to Judy Da Sliva for the Anishinabemowen translation. Sacred Whiteshell in solidarity with Grassy Narrows loving and protecting our sacred waters on Mother Earth.